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*2008 News*
(Click HERE for 2007 News - Updated 31st December 2007)
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December News

Litters page has been updated!

November News

New pages have been added -
Introducing "Kruizer" (Our Boys page)
"Austin" (Our Boys page)
"Spike" (Our Boys page)
"Rave" (Our Girls page) and
"Lizzy" (Our Girls page)

Litters page has been updated

Jake (Powerpaws Just Do it) Collects another Challenge and Best of Breed under Specialist Miss K reeder (Gamester SBT)
Jake now only needs one small challenge for his title!!

Piikki's son Winston (Landastaff Hard Night) wins Dog Challenge, Best of Breed and Runner Up in group from Puppy class!!
His sister Landastaff magic Hands wins Reserve Challenge at the same show!

We are thrilled to announce that Piikki has collected another challenge and is now well on his way to his Title!
Austin picked up another Reserve Challenge- At Sunbury Dog Club - one of the biggest Shows in the Southern Hemisphere!!

We are expecting two new litters!!
See out Litters Page for details.

We are deeply saddened to announce the passing of young Bear (Powerpaws Hot Hot Hot)
bear was owned and adored by Lance and Gail Stephenson.
Taken in a tragic accident, he will leave a big void in the lives of all that knew him.
A true star, now shining down.

October Updates!
 We have LOTS of news!!!

Melbourne Royal 2009 was a wonderful one for us!
Dog Challenge & Best of Breed was "Jake"
POWERPAWS JUST DO IT (16 months of age)
Jake went on to Place 3rd in Best in Group!

Puppy of Breed was "Lola"
(Powerpaws Lgndof Th Park x Staffvshire Ms Ballerina)
Lola was shortlisted into the final 4 Puppies in the Terrier Group!
Both Jake and Lola were wonderfully handled by Josh Henderson.

At the NSW Sporting Terrier Show, Jake again did well, winning Reserve Dog Challenge and INTERMEDIATE IN SHOW!!
Piikki (Magicpwoers Lgnd at Powerpaws) was 2nd in Open Dog and Austin (Powerpaws Knight In paris) won Puppy of Breed.  Louhi (Sthcoaststaf Sassy lassy) was 2nd in her class.  Judge Was Mrs P Reeder-Webber (Gamester SBT)

Piikki collected another challenge and is well on his way to his champion Title.

Austin collected a Reserve Challenge at a Major City show at just 9 months of age!  The future looks very bright for this pied boy with attitude!

We have two new additions!!!
Pages will be up soon for "Tyra" (Powerpaws Legend In Black) (Piikki x Powerpaws Walk The Line)
and "Kruizer" (Powerpark Judas Kiss) (Powerpark Sparks Inth park (Piikki son) x Surestaff Triple Sec (Imp UK)
Special Congratulations to the Finnish kids!!
At the SBT Special Show (215 SBT)
Best of Breed and BEST IN SHOW 2ND
was Int/Fin/Est CH NordW-07 Magicpowers Unforgettable "Tora" an Ivan Grandson!!
Best male 2nd and 1st place Junior Dog Class was
Mariz Ice Boom (a son of Boomer "Powerpaws World Acclaim")
 Best of Breed Puppy & BEST IN SHOW 1ST PUPPY was
Magicpowers New Wave (Tora son)
Best Opposite Sex Puppy was
Magicpowers Not Bad (Sister to New Wave)
An Ivan daughter "Hoppinghams Lullaby Lullaby" won a Sert and was 3rd in Junior Bitch Class (27 in class) with an Excellent Grading
Ivan's son "Redchain Blackball Clown" was Awarded an Exhellent Grading
Ivan's daughter "Redchain Dark Thunder" Was also awarded an Excellent Grading

July Updates
"Boomer" has a new Title!!
In Lithuania, Boomer won Best of Breed at two shows, one of these was the baltic Winners show, and so Boomer
Can add "Baltic Winner 08" to his many titles!
Boomer is the most titled, Australian Bred dog ever!!!
His titles are -
"Powerpaws World Acclaim"

Still in Finland - Ivan's grandson "Tora" becomes an International Champion!!
Int/Fin/Est CH NordW07 Magicpowers Unforgettable is a son of CH Jumpin Jake Semtex and Fin CH Magicpowers Better Better Best (an Ivan daughter) Congratulations to Jarmo and Ellu (Magicpowers Kennel)

Congratulations to new Champion Ishiross Brown Eyed Girl,
a daughter of Hector (Ishiross Prince Ov Troy - an Ivan son)

Huge Congratulations to New Australian Champion Shinystaffs Zip "Axle"
Gaining his title on the 26th July with a Best of Breed win.

Axle is the 13th Champion for his sire Ivan!

A big Well Done to Josh and Austin (Powerpaws Knight In Paris) winning Best Minor Puppy in Group on the 21st July.

Unfortunately, we didn't get any puppies from Louhi this time, but we are planning a litter for Lexxi (Likalot Dark Lady) in the coming months.

May Updates
Congratulations to Josh and "Austen" on a great start to his show career!
1st Place in Baby Puppy Dog (5 shown) under Specialist judge Mrs M Peddler (landaulad SBT)
Baby Puppy of Breed (6 shown) at geelong Champ Show

A huge CONGRATULATIONS to Toni Arnold and her Ivan/Chelsea son "Mojo" on gaining his Title on the 11th May.
Now known as Aust CH Ishiross Just Try Me
Bred by Deb Krinas (SA)
Mojo becomes Ivan's 8th Individual Champion Child.
Ivan now has 8 Champion Children, holding 12 Champion Titles around the World.
He also has other kids very close to their titles.
2nd April 2008
News just in of the official Standings in Finlands "Top Stafford"

1. FIN CH, SW-08 Magicpower's Unbelievable (Ivan's granddaughter)
2. FIN & EST CH, NordW-07 Magicpower's Unforgettable (Ivan's grandson)
3. FIN & LV & LTU CH, EuJW-06 Magicpower's Magic Touch (Boomer's daughter)
4. FIN & EST CH, FINW-07 Magicpower's Master Touch (Boomer's daughter)
5. INT & FIN & S & DK & EST CH, EstJW-05, ESTW-05,SW-05, FINW-06 Magicpower's Cool Princess
7. Magicpower's Finnish Design (Boomer's son)
9. FIN & N CH Magicpower's Golden Shine (Ivan's grandson)
10. Magicpower's Golden Sky (Ivan's grandson)
11. INT & FIN & S & LV & LTU & BALT CH Powerpaws World Acclaim (Boomer)
12. FIN & EST CH Magicpower's Designed Detail (Ivan's grandson)

Massive Congratulations to Jarmo and Ellu, kennel Magicpowers on a wonderful year in 2007, and wishing them a fantastic 2008!

25th March 2008
Congratulations to -
Axle (Shinystaffs Zip) on another great Challenge and Best of Breed.  
Going on to Win Runner Up to Best Exhibit in Group/Australian Bred in Group!  Way to go Axle!

In Canberra Piikki's kids did well, all those entered placed!
Judge was Mr L Lunn (UK)
5th Place in Baby Dog was our new lad Denver (Landastaff Rebel Yell)
3rd Place in Minor Puppy Dog was Pickaxe Waco Jacko
1st Place in Puppy Dog was Jake (Powerpaws Just Do It)

In South Australia Mojo (Ishiross Just Try Me) picked up a lovely Best in Group win!!
Now only 1 challenge away from his title!  Way to go Mojo!
Judge was Mr Van Der Spury (Sth Africa)
16th March 2008
Congratulations to Kirsty and Jake (Powerpaws Just Do It) on another great win!
Judged by Mrs B Stepkovitch (NSW)

Congratulations to Belinda and Nina (Ishiross Brown Eyed Girl - Ivan granddaughter)
Bitch Challenge, RUBOB
and Gemma (Ishiross Tuscan Image - Piikki daughter)
Judge - Miss L Dorr (Qld)

Congratulations to Elise and Finn (Likalot Take A Piik - Piikki son)
Reserve Challenge Dog
Judge - Mr J Camac

Congratulations to Suzie and Rizenstar Pull Rank (Ivan son)-
Dog Challenge & Best of Breed
Judge -  ??

We are thrilled to Congratulate Finlands Top Stafford for 2007 -
SwedishWinner 07 Magicpowers Unbelievable - an Ivan Grandaughter!

Big Well Done to Ninja and her owners/breeders, Jarmo and Ellu.

We will have some new pages on our site very soon.
Our new additions will be introduced!
Yarrapaw Rave Reviews "Rave"

is a lovely black brindle girl sired by CH Likalot Born To be Wild and
her mum is Yarrapaw Wild Blossom who is a granddaughter of our own CH Hadjibah High Voltage.
Cojovalley Run Tparadise "Flo"

is a dark brindle daughter of Ivan (CH Powerpaws Beyond Thelaw) and her mum is
Yarrapaw Wild Rose, litter sister to Rave's mum.
Landastaff Rebel Yell "Denver"
a black boy sired by Piikki (Magicpowers Lgnd At Powerpaws (Imp Fin) out of
Landastaff GI Jane.
Powerpaws Knight In Paris "Austin"

A stunning Brindle/White pied boy owned in partnership with Josh
Austin is sired by Revel (Powerpaws Unwritten Law) and is out of Baylee (CH Powerpaws Invisibl Touch)

Ivan's kids page has been updated with a photo of Degan (Rizenstar Pull Rank)
8th March 2008
Today we attended the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of Victoria Championship Show
Judged By - Mr Colin Davies (UK) Mimcol SBT
Our results are as follows ---

4th Place Puppy Dog
Powerpaws Two Sox (Piikki/Baylee son)
4th Place Junior Dog
Powerpark Sparksinthpark (Piikki son) (at 9 months of age)
4th Place Intermediate Dog
Likalot Take A Piik (Piikki son)
3rd Place  Limit Dog
Shinystaffs Zip (Ivan son)
4th Place Australian Bred Dog
Kimbastaff Heart O Glass (Raimius son/Ivan grandson)
1st Place Baby Bitch Class
& Opposite Sex Baby Puppy in Show
Yarrapaw Rave Reviews (CH Likalot Born to Be Wild x Yarrapaw Wild Blossom)
4th Place Baby Puppy Bitch
Powerpark Luscious Lola (Cuba daughter)
4th Place Minor Puppy Bitch
Ishiross Tuscan Legacy (Piikki daughter)
3rd Place Graduate Bitch
Pickaxe Magic Power (Piikki daughter)

We are also proud of our Veterans team of -
CH Powerpaws Ice Carving "Rev" at 9.5 years of age
CH Powerpaws Beyond The Law "Ivan" at 7.5 years of age
and we welcomed back to the showring -
Powerhouse Loud And Clear "Tommy" at 11 years of age
Tommy is a stunning son of Willy and Tayla

Congratulations to Bear (Powerpaws Hot Hot Hot) who has picked up two Best Puppy in Group wins in as many weeks!
Congratulations to Jake (Powerpaws Just Do It) on winning more Reserve Challenges from the Puppy Class
12th February 2008
More great results from around the world!
In Australia -
At Allora Champ Show (Qld) - Rizenstar Pull Rank (Ivan/Lillie son) wins
Reserve Challenge Dog, and Runner Up to Best of Breed
At Armadale Champ Show (Qld) - Likalot Lil Muffin (Ivan/Totti daughter) wins
BITCH CHALLENGE and Puppy in Group
In Darwin - Ishiross Tuscan Image (Piikki/Armarni daughter) wins
BITCH CHALLENGE and Minor Puppy in group.
In Finland -
We Congratulate
New Finnish and Estonian Champion "Tora"
Magicpowers Unforgettable (Ivan Grandson)

Introducing Ivan's lovely daughter in Finland, Lullaby, picture on Ivan's Offspring Page.
10th February 2008
We have had a wonderful year so far!
Jake (Powerpaws Just Do it) in NSW has collected more
Rerserve Challenges, one being under Breed Specialist Peta Reeder (Gamester SBT) Jake is only a puppy, so we are extra thrilled with his efforts!
Cuba (Powerpaws Lgnd At The Park) has collected a load of Reserve Challenges, and finally got the big one last weekend!!  
Dog Challenge, Best of Breed and Runner Up to Best in group at a Major city show.
Louhi (Sthcoaststaf Sassy lassy) won
Reserve Challenge and Best Junior in Group at the Pet Expo (Sunday)
Sheeba (Ronjuade Bella Daball) has collected her
second Challenge!!  Now well on her way to her title.
Piikki (Magicpowers Lgnd At Powerpaws (Imp Fin) is enjoying his holiday in NSW and has picked up a wonderful win.....
Piikki won
Dog Challenge, Best of Breed and Best Exhibit in Group to start his campaign to his title.
Piikki is also the sire of Jake, Cuba, Sheeba and Louhi!

Introducing the babies from our latest litter -
Austin (male), Envy (female) and Paha (female) 
Sire: Powerpaws Unwritten Law
Dam: Aust CH Powerpaws Invisibl Touch
8th January 2008
Another great start to the year!
We Congratulate, Judi, Wade and Ron with the lovely Sheeba (Ronjuade Bella Daball)
Sheeba is a daughter of Piikki and Cilla (Willy Daughter)
At Central Gippsland Champ Show, judged by Breed Specialist Mr A Trimble (Stoneheart SBT), Sheeba was awarded Bitch Challenge & RUBOB for a 20 point challenge!!

Way to go Sheeba!

At the same show, Lexxi (Likalot Dark Lady) won her class, Cuba (Powerpaws Lgnd Of Thepark) won his class and Reserve Challenge! Sparky (Powerpark Sparks Inthe Park ) won his class and 2nd was Spike (Powerpaws Two Sox). Cuba, Sparky and Spike are all sons of Piikki.

In Sweden at the Winners show
4th Jan, Judge Mr F Cochetti (Italy)
BOB, Best Bitch 1st, CACIB, CAC, 1st Intermediate Bitch - Magicpowers Unbelievable (Ivan granddaughter)
BOS, Best male 1st, CACIB, 1st Champion Dog - Magicpowers Golden Star (Ivan Grandson)
Best male 3rd - Magicpowers Unforgettable (Ivan Grandson)

5th Jan, Judge Mrs S Mashford (Australia)
Best male 2nd, CAC, Res CACIB - Magicpowers Unforgettable
Best Male 5th - Magicpowers Golden Star
BOS, Best Bitch 1st, CACIB, CAC, Swedish Winner 2008 - Magicpowers Unbelievable

Keep an eye on our Litters page for news of our litters and litters sired by Piikki and Ivan.