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*2007 News*
(Click HERE for 2006 News - Updated 31st Dec)

31st December 2007
Our last entry for this year and what a great announcement to be able to make!
We have puppies!!
Mum (CH Powerpaws Invisibl Touch) and babies are doing great, dad (Powerpaws Unwritten Law) could care less
1 Brindle/White Pied Male,
1 Brindle/White female
1 White/Black Female

Check out our Upcoming Litetrs page for lots of news about litters sired by our stud dogs!

29th December 2007
We have just received a critique for "Jake" (Powerpaws Just Do It) from the SBTC of Northern NSW show judged by Mr Jamie Mace (UK)


Mahogany Brindle and White - good head & expression, correct bite, neat
ears, dark round eyes, good front and shoulders, nicely boned for his age,
level topline, good spring of rib, good bend of stifle, neat tail. In good
condition. Moved and handled well.

3rd December 2007
We are devastated to announce the passing of our great boy, Willy
(CH Hadjibah High Voltage)
A wonderful show dog, superb family friend and great little person, he will be very sadly missed.
2nd December 2007
A fantastic weekend for our kids!
In South Australia, judge by -
Mojo (Ishiross Just Try Me) a son of "Ivan" and "Chelsea"
was awarded Dog Challenge, Best of Breed
Judge was Mr B Walkley

In Victoria, another Ivan son, Axle (Shinystaffs Zip)
Was awarded his second Challenge, Best of Breed and
Judge was Mr J Ward (Vic)

At the SBTCV Members Comp, Judged by Mrs Price (Vic)
Young Sparky (Powerpark Sparksinthepark) a Piikki/Shadow son, was awarded Reserve Best Dog from the Minor Puppy Class.
We caught up with Faith, our very first Stafford, who now lives with Patsy and helps with her work.  Faith is almost 14 years of age, and looks great, even if she is a little grey....

New photo's added
Shinystaffs Zip photo added to Ivan's Offspring Page
Powerpaws Inthe Spotlight photo added to Bred By Us Page
Ishiross Tuscan legacy photo added to Piikki's Offspring Page
Ishiross Regal Rhpasody added to Piikkis Offspring Page

20th November 2007
New photo's of "Cuba" (Powerpaws Lgndofth Park)
"Spike" (Powerpaws Two Sox)
"Kojak" (Pickaxe Happy Hour)
"Elwood" (Sthcoaststaf ??? )
"Myfanwy" (Likalot Sure To Impress)
"Meg" (Ishiross Regal Rhapsody)
"Mia" (Powerpaws All About Me)
"Bear" (Powerpaws Hot Hot Hot)
"Bono" (Powrup Abit Of Magic)
on "Piikki's kids" page

Photo of "Axle" (Shinystaffs Zip) added to Ivan's kids page

New photo of "Jackie" (Powerpaws Inth Spotlite) and
"Brindella" (Powerpaws Hot Gossip)
on Bred by us Page

New photo on "Lexxi's" (Likalot Dark lady) page

New photo on "Baylee's (CH Powerpaws Invisibl Touch) page

**Upcoming Litters page updated**

18th November 2007
November updates -
Congratulations to Kirsty and "Jake" (Powerpaws Just Do it) who at just over 6 months of age is over a quarter of the way to becoming a Champion!!
Jake picked up 3 Challenges, 3 Best of Breed, 2 Minor in group and 1 Minor in Show at Bemboka over the weekend of the 9/10/11 November.

In Western Australia, Congratulations to "Yarrapaw Western Gem" who has just started her show career and has already picked up a Reserve Challenge and Best Junior in Group at Albany on the 18th November.

In Victoria, at Garden State Kennel Club Champ Show, "Shinystaffs Zip" (Ivan son) won his first Challenge and RUBOB (25 points) Congratulations Axle, who has only been in the showring for less than a year.

In Finland, we are thrilled with the news we received today!
Jyvaaskyla International Show (53 SBT)

Best Male 1, Cert, CACIB - Magicpowers Finnish Design (Boomer son)
AND......Best in Group 2nd!!!

Best Male 2nd, Res-CACIB -
Int/Fin/Swd/Est/Ltv/Ltu CH Powerpaws World Acclaim (Imp Aust) "Boomer"
Best male 3rd - Magicpowers Unforgettable (Ivan Grandson)
Best Female 1, CACIB - Fin/Lv/Ltu CH Magicpowers Magic Touch (Boomer daughter)
Best of Breed Breeders Group - Kennel Magicpowers!!  Congrats Jarmo, Ellu and team.

In Victoria, The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of Victoria Open Show was held on the 18th November, Judged by newly crowned Terrier judge and Stafford specialist Mrs Celeste Trimble (Stoneheart Staffords)
We had a great day!!

Best Male in Show (37 males shown, excl Baby Puppies)
- CH Powerpaws Beyond The Law

(at 7 years of age!!)
1st Place Baby Puppy Dog (3 shown), Opposite Baby in Show -
Powerpark Sparksinthpark (Piikki/Shadow son)
2nd Place Minor Puppy Dog (10 shown) -
Powerpaws Two Sox (Piikki/Baylee son)
1st Place Junior Dog (5 shown), Opposite Junior in Show -
Powerpaws Lgndof Th Park (Piikki/Rev son)
2nd Place Intermediate dog (7 shown)
Shinystaffs Zip (Ivan son)
1st Place Aust Bred Dog Class (4 shown), Opposite Aus Bred in Show -
CH Powerpaws Beyond The Law (Ivan)
2nd Baby Bitch (9 shown) -
Ishiross Tuscan Legacy (Piikki/Armarni daughter)
3rd Puppy Bitch (13 shown)
Ronjuade Bella Deball (Piikki/Cilla daughter)
3rd Graduate Bitch (8 shown)
Pickaxe Magic Power (Piikki/Penny daughter)
November 2007
A great day at Sunbury today,
Our wonderful handlers Josh and Wade entered "Fashions on the Field" contest and were placed 2nd!!  Way to go boys!  They took in Baylee and Venus.

A lovely photo taken on the day was of Josh and Baylee, free standing on the table ready to be examined.

26th October 2007
We have updated the page for "Ivan's Kids" with new photo's of "Hector", "Mojo" and introducing Ivan's newest AI litter in Finland with a picture of 5 month old "Welmu"

Powerpaws have two matings planned for the next week!
Baylee (Aust CH Powerpaws Invisibl Touch) will be mated to
Revel (Powerpaws Unwritten Law)
Expecting brindles, whites with red or brindle markings, possibly reds, and pieds.

Lava (Ishiross Tapestry) will be mated to
Cuba (Powerpaws Lgnd At Th Park)
expecting Brindle Pieds, Red Pieds, Brindles and Reds.

20th October 2007
Show results from Finland -
International Dog Show, Judge - Rade Dakic-Kica

Best of Breed, Best Female 1 -
Fin/Lv/Ltv CH Magicpowers Magic Touch (Boomers Daughter)
Best Opposite Sex, Best Male 1 -
Int/Fin/Swd/Est/Ltv/Ltu/Balt CH Powerpaws World Acclaim "Boomer"
Best male 2 -
Magicpowers Finnish Design (Boomers Son)

In Australia,
Geelong Royal Show

Reserve Bitch Challenge, Best Junior in Group
Sthcoaststaf Sassy Lassy "Louhi"
(Magicpowers Lgnd At Powerpaws x Powerpaws Temptation) 

15th October 2007
A great few weeks for the Powerpaws dogs!

At Kyneton Champ Show, young "Finn" (
Likalot Take a Piik) won the Dog Challenge!!  Gaining the maximum 25 points available, we are thrilled for Finn, his handler Elise and co owners Bronwen and David.
Finn is a son of Piikki and Likalot Devils Rose

on the 13th October, the SA Stafford Clubs Championship Show was held,
judged by Mr Les Aspin (UK)
We congratulate -
"Mojo" (
Ishiross Just try Me) who was awarded Reserve Challenge Dog, BEST AUSTRALIAN BRED IN SHOW and Best White!
Mojo is a son of "Ivan" and CH Ishiross Tuscan Beauty
"Spike" (
Powerpaws Two Sox) placed 2nd in a big Baby Puppy Dog Class!!

At the British Terrier Championship Show in NSW, judged by Mr S Gazzard (UK)
Spike's brother "
Powerpaws Just Do It" was placed 3rd in a big Baby Puppy Dog Class!!

In Victoria, Mel marks and her baby "Pim" (
Likalot Salt And Pepper) won BEST BABY PUPPY IN GROUP at Ballarat Champ Show.  Pim is a daughter of Ivan and Likalot Freedom Fighter

On Sunday the 14th, in SA, at their Championship Show, Judged by
Mrs Aspin (UK)
3rd in Baby Puppy Dog Class was Spike (Powerpaws Two Sox)
3rd in Intermediate Dog was "Hector" (Ishiross Prince of Troy) - Mojo's litter brother
2nd in Puppy Bitch was Ronjuade Bella Deball - a Piikki/Rawedge Painted Black daughter

In NSW at the SBTS NSW Championship Show, Judged by Mrs J Brown (WA)
Powerpaws Just Do It, placed 2nd in Baby Puppy Dog Class!

In Darwin, judged by Mr I Hinde (Vic)
Ishiross Tuscan Image won BEST BABY PUPPY IN GROUP
(Piikki x Ishiross Ice Maiden daughter)
(daughter of "Hector" who is Ivan's son)

24th September 2007
New page for "
Brenna" (Likalot Step Aside Boys)
New photo of "Milo" (Yarrapaw Foxy Lady) on
Piikki's kids page
New photo of "Brindella" (Powerpaws Hot Gossip) on
Bred By Us Page
23rd September 2007
We had a great day at the Melbourne Royal Show today!
Our two young girls performed well -
Brenna (Likalot Step Aside Boys) placed 2nd in Minor Puppy Bitch (5 shown). Brenna was the youngest in her class (6 months and 6 days old)
Lexxi (Likalot Dark Lady) placed 3rd in Intermediate Bitch Class (10 shown).  Lexxi was also the youngest in her class (18 months and two weeks old)
Thanks to David and Bronwen for letting us own these two promising girls.

August 2007
Two New Titles for Boomer!!
We are thrilled to announce that Boomer is now a Lithuanian and Baltic Champion!
He is now known as -
International & Finnish & Swedish & Estonian & Latvian & Lithuanian & Baltic Champion - Powerpaws World Acclaim!
Congratulations to Boomer, and his "team" Jarmo, Ellu and Ann Mari.

Boomer also won best of Breed at the Lithuanian Staffordshire Bull Terrier Special Show!
What a great win!!

Congratulations to -
"Chick" Powerpaws Basic Black (Piikki x Baylee) who has won a few Best Baby Puppy in group awards!
And her sister "Meeme" Powerpaws All About Me who has also won some Baby in Group awards!

23rd July 2007
A great weekend of showing!!
In Victoria, Wade Dunley's young pup (Powerpaws Two Sox) made his show debut under breed specialist Miss K Reeder (Gamester - NSW) and won the Baby Puppy Dog Class!!
Way to go Wade and "Spike"
Spike is out of "Piikki" (Magicpowers Lgnd At Powerpaws (Imp Fin) and
"Baylee" (CH Powerpaws Invisibl Touch)
2nd in Junior Dog Class was "Axle" (Shinystaffs Zip) a son of "Ivan"
(CH Powerpaws Beyond The Law)
Lexxi (Likalot Dark Lady) placed 2nd in Junior Bitch Class

We are proud to announce the newest Champion!!
Finnish and Latvian CH Magicpowers Magic Touch "Muusa"
Muusa titled the weekend after her sister!
Muusa is a daughter of Boomer (Powerpaws World Acclaim) and
Paha (Magicpowers Now or Never)

In Finland, the Staffords Special Show was held on the 22nd July, judged by
Mr and Mrs Small (Bethane SBT - UK)
158 Staffords
Best of Breed, Best Male 1, CERT, 1st Junior -
Jekkupatterin High Energy
(Lackyle Cean Miotal x Magicpowers Bedizen Beauty - Ivan daughter)
Best male 2nd, Res CERT, 1st Place Inermediate -
Magicpowers Unforgettable
(Jumpin Jake Semtex x Magicpowers Better Better Best - Ivan Daughter)
Best Male 4th, 2nd Intermediate -
Magicpowers Golden Sky
(Lackyle Ceann Miotal x Magicpowers O We Did It - Ivan Daughter)
Best female 2nd, Res CERT, 1st Intermediate -
Magicpowers Golden Shine
(Lackyle Ceann Miotal x Magicpowers O We Did It - Ivan Daughter)
Best Female 3rd, 1st Champion -
Magicpowers Master Touch
(Powerpaws World Acclaim x Magicpowers Now Or Never)
Best Female 4th, 1st Junior -
Magicpowers Unbelievable
(Jumpin Jake Semtex x Magicpowers Better Better Best - Ivan Daughter)

BOB and BIS1 Breeder Group - Team Magicpower!!

Massive Congratulations to Jarmo and Ellu, and all the owners of the dogs on a brilliant show, almost a clean sweep!!

July Update!

A lot has been happening here over the last couple of months!
"Baylee's" (CH Powerpaws Invisibl Touch) pups have left for their new homes, we wish them all well.

New puppies have been born -
Ishiross SBT in South Australia welcome 10 (yes 10) new babies from
the lovely "Armarni" (Ishiross Ice Maiden) and "Piikki" (Magicpowers Lgnd at Powerpaws (Imp Fin) are proud to announce their 8 daughters and 2 sons are well.

Deb for details!!

We have not been showing much due to having pups at home, but young Lexxi (Likalot Dark Lady) performed well at the Sporting Terrier Champ show in June, placing 2nd in a huge class!  Piikki's son Finn (Likalot Take A Piik) won the Junior Dog class and Junior of Breed!

We are very proud to announce and Congratulate "Boomer's" (Int/Fin/Swd/Est/Lat CH Powerpaws World Acclaim) first Champion!!
"Piina" (Magicpowers Master Touch) gained her final Cert in Finland to become -
Finnish & Estonian Champion!!
Piina is only just over two years of age (the minimum age allowed for titles)
21st May 2007
We are VERY proud to announce that "Boomer" gained his Latvian Champion title on the weekend and is now to be known as -
International, Finnish, Swedish, Estonian and Latvian Champion
Powerpaws World Acclaim (Imp Aust)

Boomers sire is CH Borolo Once A Warrior and dam is CH Powerpaws Above Nbeyond

Also this weekend, "Igor" gained his last Cert in Finland to become -
Finnish Champion
Magicpowers Best Best Boy!

Igors sire is CH Powerpaws Beyond The Law and dam is Int/Fin/Swd/Nor/Dnk CH Magicpowers Now Or Never!
Congratulations to Jarmo and Ellu and to the families of Boomer and Igor on their achievements!

We are thrilled to be able to say that "Ivan" has now produced -
1 x International Champion
2 x Australian Champions
5 x Finnish Champions
2 x Estonian Champions
1 x Danish Champion
5 x Winners and Junior Winners
17th April 2007
A big Congratulations to "Venus" (Ronjuade Drops Of Jupita)
who went to Canberra for the weekend with her breeders Wade and Judi.
Venus was beautifully handled by her favorite person "Josh" and was awarded 4th place in her class at both shows on the first day!
The first judge was Mrs J Blyth (Bustabones SBT)
The second was Mr Drummond (Sparstaff SBT - UK)
Venus was in a class of 15 Junior bitches!
A new photo of Venus has been added to her page.

Ivan (CH Powerpaws Beyond Thelaw) is the proud father of two litters born recently!
Litter one was born via Artifical Insemination in Finland
Kennel Hoppinghams welcomed 5 lovely brindle and Pied puppies
(dam: Hoppinghams Chocolate Heart)
Litter two has 6 lovely brindle and Pied puppies for Likalot Kennels
(dam: Likalot Freedom Fighter)

Baylee (CH Powerpaws Invisibl Touch) is due to whelp this weekend!
Sire is our own "Piikki" (Magicpowers Lgnd at Powerpaws (Imp Fin)

New photo's added of -
Venus (Ronjuade Drops Of Jupita)
Lexxi (Likalot Dark Lady)
Finn (Likalot Take A Piik) On Piikki's offspring page
1st April 2007
Another great weekend!!
On Saturday at Bunyip Champ Show -
Milo (Yarrapaw Foxy Lady) was awarded
Reserve Bitch Challenge at only 9 months of age!!
Milo is a daughter of Piikki and Lily.

Sunday at Canine Museum Champ Show
Judged by Mrs B Stenmark (USA)
Puppy of Breed was
Powerpaws Lgnd Ofth Park (Piikki/CH Powerpaws Ice Carving)
Minor Puppy of Breed was
Sthcoaststaf Sassy Lassy (Piikki/Powerpaws Temptation)
2nd Minor Bitch was
Powerpaws Hot Gossip (Powerpaws Unwritten Law/Ishiross Tapestry)
1st Puppy Bitch
Pickaxe Magic Power (Piikki/Pickaxe Half Penny)
Junior of Breed (10 shown) & BEST JUNIOR IN GROUP
Ronjuade Drops Of Jupita (CH Novastaff Feral Errol/Rawedge Painted Black)

25th March 2007
Great results from Finland!!
At the Tampere International Show,
Judged by Mr Stefan Sinko (Slovenia) with 59 SBT entered.
BEST MALE 2nd, Res Cert, Res CACIB - Magicpowers Best Best Boy "Igor"
(Powerpaws Beyond The Law x Magicpowers Now Or Never)
BEST FEMALE 1st, CERT, CACIB - Magicpowers Magic Touch "Muusa"
(Powerpaws World Acclaim x Magicpowers Now Or Never)
BEST FEMALE 2nd - Res CACIB - Magicpowers Cool Princess "Stara"
(Lackyle Ceann Miotal x Magicpowers Now Or Never)
BEST FEMALE 3rd, Res Cert - Magicpowers Master Touch "Piina"
(Powerpaws World Acclaim x Magicpowers Now or Never)
BEST FEMALE 4th - Scarface Tina
(Magicpowers O So Good (Ivan son) x Scarface Hoya Bella)

"Boomer" (Int/Fin/Swd/Est CH Powerpaws World Acclaim) was
2nd in Champion male Class.

Congratulations to Jarmo and Ellu on such a wonderful day, and special hugs to Paha (Magicpowers Now or Never) for being such a super producing mum!
25th March 2007
Congratulations to "Jackie" (Powerpaws Inth Spotlite)
in Qld, who made her return to the showring after a break to win
Reserve Challenge amongst a quality line up of bitches!  Way to go Jackie!
She went on to Win
Jackie is a daughter of Powerpaws Unwritten law and Ishiross Tapestry and is owned by
D & P MacAllister (Dapmac SBT)

10th March 2007
Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of Victoria
Championship Show
Judge - Mrs A Baxter (Boldhart SBT)
Likalot Take A Piik (Finn) Piikki/Ember son
Pickaxe Magic Powers (Remy) Piikki/Penny daughter
Yarrapaw Foxy Lady (Milo) Piikki/Lily daughter
2nd Place in Baby Puppy Bitch
Sthcoaststaf Sassy Lassy (Louhi) Piikki/Xena daughter
2nd Place in Minor Puppy Bitch
Powerpaws Hot Gossip (Brindella) Revel/Lava daughter
3rd Place in Minor Puppy Bitch
Likalot Sure To Impress (Myfanwy) Piikki/Ember daughter

Congratulations to the owners/breeders and handlers of these lovely kids!!

Photo's & Critiques to come!!

28th February 2007
A great few weeks for Powerpaws!!
Powerpaws Hot Gossip (Brindella) was awarded her First Challenge, Runner Up to Best of Breed and Best Minor Puppy in Group!!  At under 7 months of age!!

We have also mated Baylee (CH Powerpaws Invisibl Touch) to
Piikki (Magicpowers Lgnd At Powerpaws (Imp Finland)
Pups hopefully due late April
See the Upcoming Litters page for details.
10th February 2007
New photo's on Piikki's page
20th January 2007
A wonderful day's showing for our dogs!
At Lang Lang Champ Show, judged by Miss Daines (NSW)
"Baylee" (CH Powerpaws Invisibl Touch) won
Best of Breed & Bitch Challenge (25 Points)
"Venus" (Ronjuade Drops Of Jupita) won
Reserve Challenge Bitch, Runner Up to Best of Breed &

Congratulations to Bels with "Eddie" (Kimbastaff Heart O Glass) who won Dog Challenge!
"Eddie" is a son of Powerpaws Red October CD and his mum is "Jewel" (CH Kimbastaff Painted Black) an Ivan Daughter.
14th January 2007
We are THRILLED to announce the second Powerpaws Champion this year!!
New CH Powerpaws Invisibl Touch "Baylee"
Gained her title at Bacchus Marsh with a 25 point Best of Breed win!
Baylee has done very well under Specialists and All Rounders, view her Page for more details!

7th January 2007

Congratulations to Boomer on gaining his International Champion Title!
We are very proud of Boomer and wish to thank Ellu and Jarmo of Magicpowers Kennel in Finland for showing Boomer so well, and thanks to Boomers owner Ann-Mari for adoring Boomer and showing him to some of his very memorable wins.
6th January 2007
More New photo's have been added to "Piikki's Kids" Page

1st January 2007

New photo's were added to our ewb site today.
Check out "Piikki's Kids" page for pics of two more of his lovely children, Bob and Milo.
Also a new photo of Louhi (Sthcoaststaf Sassy Lassy) at 3 months old is on her page