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*2006 News*

27th December 2006
Great News!!
We were informed today that Venus (Ronjuade Drops Ov Jupita)
is CLEAR for L2-Hga and HC by parentage!
Her sire (CH Novastaff Ferrol Errol) and dam (Rawedge Painted Black)
received their DNA resutls today, clearing Venus.
12th December 2006
New photo added to "Lava's" Page (Ishiross Tapestry)
New photo's added to the page for Piikki's kids,
three lovely kids from Likalot Staffords.
29th November 2006
Our Webpage has been completely overhauled!!
A new look and lots of new photo's and pages!
New Pages include -
Bruce (Powerpaws Boy From Oz)
Venus (Ronjuade Drops Of Jupita)
Lexxi (Likalot Dark Lady)
Nyssa (Powerpaws Cast A Spell)
Louhi (Sthcoaststaf Sassy Lassy)
22nd November 2006
Great news for Daria Carthew (Gentlerock SBT)
Today she got DNA results back for "Hunter" (CH Powerpaws The Heat is On - dec) and Jessie (Borstaff Gorgeous Gussie)
and they are both CLEAR for L2-Hga!!
Daria's two litters between Jessie and our boy Willy,
are also now L2-Hga Clear!
6th November 2006 A great weekend for our dogs!
In Estonia -
Tyyli (Ivan Daughter) was awarded Best female 1, BOS, CACIB and her
Estonian Champion Title!! Tyyli is now - Fin/Est CH Magicpowers Better Better Best.
Ivan's grandson (Fin CH Magicpowers Designed Detail)was also awarded his
Estonian Champion title, BOB and BIG1st, and BIS 3rd!!
At a puppyshow in Finland, Tora (Magicpowers Unforgettable - Tyyli son) was awarded
BOB Puppy and BIG1st, and BIS 2nd Puppy!

In Australia, our baby Bruce (Powerpaws Boy From Oz - sired by "Piikki") was
Shown at Sunbury and won best
Baby Puppy Stafford out of 6 babies.
30th October 2006
More heatlth results for Powerpaws! Baylee (Powerpaws Invisibl Touch)
and Keeva (Aust CH Powerpaws Above Nbeyond)
Have been Tested CLEAR for L2-Hga and HC.
See our Health page for full results of all of our dogs.
29th September 2006
Another great DNA result for Willy (CH Hadjibah High Voltage)
Willy has been DNA tested and is HC Clear!
See our Health Page for full results of all of our dogs that
have been tested or are genetically Clear for L2-Hga and HC.

23rd September 2006
We are thrilled to announce our latest Health Tested dog -
Aust CH Hadjibah High Voltage "Willy" has been DNA tested CLEAR of L2-Hga
His HC results should be in soon.
21st September 2006
We are very proud of our young girl "Venus" (Ronjuade Drops Of Jupita) who was awarded Best Puppy Staffordshire Bull Terrier at the Melbourne Royal Show today!
Venus will return to compete for Best Puppy in Group on the 30th September.
Venus is sired by CH Novastaff Feral Errol and her mum is a Willy daughter -
Rawedge Painted Black

Venus is pictured above after her win.

16th September 2006
A great day for Ivan (CH Powerpaws Beyond The Law) who made one of his very rare showring appearances and took home Best of Breed!!
Judged by Breed Specialist - Mr W Godfrey (SA) Spaceline Staffords
Baylee (Powerpaws Invisibl Touch) was placed 2nd in her class out of 4.

26th August 2006
Great News!!
Piikki (Magicpowers Lgnd At Powerpaws (Imp Fin)
is - HC Clear!
Piikki's dad is HC Clear by Parentage, and Piikki's mum is HC Clear by DNA, making Piikki Clear.
Piikki is already L2-Hga Clear by Parentage.

3rd August 2006
More Great news -
Aust CH Powerpaws Ice Carving is HC Clear
Ishiross Tapestry is HC Clear

This also clears all of the puppies from the two litters between CH Tuareg Murphys Law and CH Powerpaws Ice carving including -
CH Powerpaws Beyond Thelaw "Ivan"
Powerpaws Unwritten Law "Revel"

Our current litter between Revel and Ishiross Tapestry is also clear for L2 & HC
2nd August 2006
The first of our DNA Health tests have come back from AHT in the UK -
Aust CH Powerpaws Ice Carving is L2-Hga Clear
Ishiross Tapestry is L2-Hga Clear

This also clears a lot more of our dogs, see the Health page through the Contents page to view all of the dogs results.

Also clear for L2-Hga is Piikki's mum - Fin/Est CH Magicpowers Catastrofes Co, which makes Piikki (Magicpowers Lgnd At Powerpaws (Imp Fin) L2-Hga Clear as his father has already been tested Clear for L2-Hga

This means that our two current litters are CLEAR for L2-Hga!!

22nd July 2006
The Babies are here!!
Revel (Powerpaws Unwritten Law) and
Lava (Ishiross Tapestry) are the very proud parents of -

Left to Right (picture One)
Red & White Pied Female
Brindle & White Pied Female
Brindle & White Pied Male
Fawn brindle Female
Black & White Pied Male
Red Brindle Female

16th July 2006
We are VERY Proud to announce a New Champion for Powerpaws!
Finnish & Estonian Champion Powerpaws World Acclaim was shown in Sweden over the weekend and was awarded his Swedish Champion title along with an Internatioan Challenge, so "Boomer" only needs one more CACIB (International Challenge) to ebcome an International Champion!!  GOOO BOOMER!!!

15th July 2006
We are VERY proud to announce another Champion for Willy!
(CH Hadjibah High Voltage)
Today in South Australia, Japhar finished his title with a Best Exhibit in Group!
Japhar is now known as -
Aust CH Validus Power Play CD
(dam: Tonkatuff Rosa)

Congratulations to Jason and Kerry and the stunnung Japh.
15th July 2006
Piikki (Magicpowers Lgnd At Powerpaws (Imp Fin) has sired his first three litters!
His first was to Powerhouse Sweet Lady (Yarrapaw Kennels)
"Lily" and Piikki have 8 beautiful Red & Black brindle puppies

The second litter was to our own "Rev" (CH Powerpaws Ice Carving)
Rev and Piikki have 7 beautiful Red and Black Brindle puppies

The third litter was to Pickaxe Half Penny (Penny) in NSW (Pickaxe Kennels)
Penny and Piikki have 8 lovely Red and Black brindle puppies!

13th June 2006
A great weekend for the Powerpaws Gang!
In Victoria -
Sporting Terrier Champ Show (Judge Mr G Earle (UK - Judael SBT)
Powerpaws Unwritten Law - 4th place out of 11 Aust Bred Dog
Powerpaws Invisibl Touch - 5th Place out of 11 Aust Bred Bitch

Sporting Terrier Open Show (Judge Mrs Price)
Powerpaws Invisibl Touch - Best of Breed, BEST OPEN IN SHOW

In Finland -
European Winners Show 2006
EurJW-06 Magicpowers Magic Touch (Boomer Daughter)
- Junior Euro Winner 2006, Cert.
Magicpowers Golden Star (Ivan Grandson)
- 2nd Junior Dog
Magicpowers Master Touch (Ivan Granddaughter)
- 4th Junior Female
Fin CH Magicpowers Better Better Best (Ivan daughter)
- 2nd Champion Females, Res CACIB
Int/Fin/Dk/Est CH Nord JW-03, NordW-03, NordW - 04 Magicpowers O We Did It
(Ivan daughter) - 4th Champion Females
Best of Breed Breeders Group - Kennel Magicpowers!!

4th June 2006
We are Thrilled to announce an Australian FIRST!!
We are the very proud breeders of the first Australian export to Finland to obtain a show title!
"Boomer" had a great day today, winning
BOB, Best Male 1, SERT to become -
Finnish & Estonion Champion
Powerpaws World Acclaim!!!

Boomer was also placed 2nd in the Terrier Group!!
The judge was Marja Salminen

Boomers daughter, Magicpowers Master Touch was awarded
BOS, Best female 1, SERT
at only 10 months old!

3rd June 2006
We are thrilled to announce the results for the Finland Staffordshire Bull Terrier Clubs Specialshow, judged by Mr & Mrs Westwood (Nethertonion SBT, UK)
152 SBT

BOB and BIS2, Best female 1
Fin CH, EstJW-05, EstW-05, SW-05
Magicpowers Cool Princess

Congratulations Jarmo and Ellu, and of course, the lovely Stara!!

Magicpowers Golden Shine (Ivan Granddaughter)

SERT, Best Male 3, Open Class1
Magicpowers Best Best Boy (Ivan Son)

Champion Class 4th
Fin CH Magicpowers Better Better Best (Ivan Daughter)

BOB Breeder Class and BIS2
Kennel Magicpowers!!

Congratulatuions Jarmo and Ellu!!

20th May 2006
A good show for the Powerpaws gang today!
At a Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club Point Score, Judged by Mr A Robertson, our dogs were awarded -
2nd Place in Junior Dog (4 Shown) (to the Challenge & Best of Breed winner)
Magicpowers Lgnd At Powerpaws (Imp Fin) "Piikki"

1st Place in Open Dog & Best Open of Breed (10 Shown)
Powerpaws Unwritten Law "Revel"

2nd Place in Australian Bred Bitch (6 Shown) (to the Bitch Challenge & RUBOB winner)
Powerpaws Invisibl Touch "Baylee"

May 14 2006
Huge Congratulations to new

owned and loved by the Ross Family in Qld.
Ellie is sired by Swanky Lucky Chuckie and her mum is Swanky Snow White who is a daughter of our own "Willy" (CH Hadjibah High Voltage!)

10th May 2006
Congratulations to -
Powerpaws Touch of Red
(Svacwald Wunchang x Powerpaws Invisibl Touch)
L2-Hga Clear, HC Clear
Powerpaws Temptation
(CH Tuareg Murphys Law x CH Powerpaws Ice Carving)
HC Clear (L2 result to come)
April Updates
Congratulations to "Trinity" on gaining her Championship Title!!
Trin is now known as CH Ishiross Electric Angel (sire: CH Hadjibah High Voltage, dam: Ishiross Athenian Angel)..

Congratuations to Piikki's dad Spike on his L2-Hga Clear result!
Piikki attends his first Stafford Specialty and is placed 4th in Junior dog
(one of the youngest in the class) out of 11 exhibits! Judge was Mrs B Beaufoy (UK)

25th March 2006
Piikki is out of quarantine and is settling in well at home.
He coped extremely well with quarantine and received the very best of care at Spotswood.
Piikki makes his show debut next weekend!

1st March 2006
Piikki's page updated with photo's taken in Quarantine at Spotswood.

28th February 2006
"Boomer's" (Powerpaws World Acclaim - Exp Finland) puppies had their first show this weekend with wonderful results -
Best of Breed Puppy, Best Female Puppy - Magicpowers Master Touch "Piina"
Best Male Puppy - Magicpowers Master Of The Ring "Kiri"
14 Stafford Puppies were shown.

28th February 2006
He's HERE!!
Piikki arrived in Australia safe and well and VERY happy.....

Photo's will be added to Piikki's page soon.
We are thrilled with our new man, he is everything we hoped he would be.
We are forever grateful to Jarmo and Ellu for parting with Piikki and hope we can do them proud.
Thanks also to Vesa from Finland Pet Cargo for organising Piikki's trip.

12th February 2006
Only ten days to go until "Piikki" (Magicpowers Lgnd At Powerpaws) arrives in Melbourne!!!  We are very excited and will post pictures of Piikki as soon as we can visit him in quarantine.
We thank Ellu and Jarmo for taking care of Piikki until he was able to leave Finland to make the long journey to Australia.
9th February 2006
"Boomer" (Powerpaws World Acclaim - Exp to Finland) is a dad again!
Boomers second litter was born today, 3 lovely deep red girls.  Mum is the beautiful
Fin CH Jetstaff Show Girl

6th February 2006
Congratulations to New
Magicpowers Designed Detail (Uski)

a son of Magicpowers Ozz The Bozz (Ivan son) and Fin/Est CH Magicpowers Catastrofes Co (Piikki's mum)

Hector is a daddy!!
Ishiross Prince Ov Troy and Waurstafford Diamond Eye have 1 Red Son and 4 Brindle Daughters!  Congratulations to Lesley Scott (Waurstafford) on the babies arrival!

30th January
New Pictures on Piikki's web page at 10 months old.

Great news!!  
Ivan and Mortisha's daughter Ravin (Kimbastaff Midnite Law) has been DNA tested and classed as - L2-Hga Clear
Ivan also has two Grandchildren that are L2-Hga Clear -
Magicpowers Gold Star (Lackyle Ceann Miotal x Magicpowers O We Did It)
Ryteaky Boffa Boy (Powerpaws Wise Guy x Truhart Dark Delight)

22nd January 2006
We have Babies!!!
Today Baylee (Powerpaws Invisibl Touch) whelped 5 lovely babies.
2 Males, 3 Females, all Black Brindles
Dad is Lex (Likalot Leada Ofthe Pack)

16th January 2006
Added a picture pedigree to Piikki's web page.
HERE to see Piikki's page and very impressive ancestors!

Piikki will arrive in Australia on the 21st February 2006!!

16th January 2006
Way to go Mojo (Ishiross Just Try Me) an Ivan/Chelsea son in South Australia, who won his 5th reserve Challenge on the weekend!  Mojo is only just into puppy class so it is a great achievement to be collecting so many high awards!  He was also Best Puppy of Breed.
Mojo is pictured below -

More news from South Australia!
Mojo's brother Hector (Ishiross Prince Ov Troy) is going to be a daddy in early February!
See the
Ishiross Website for details!!
8th January 2005

Congratulations to -
Validus Power Play CDX (Japhar - Willy son) won winning the Dog Challenge in South Australia today, this leaves Japhar needing only 2 points for his Champion title!!
At the same show, Willy's daughter Trinity (Ishiross Electric Angel) won Bitch Challenge and Best of Breed.  Trinity is now speeding towards her Champion title!
Well done to Kerrie who owns and shows both japhar and Trin.